Youth making a comeback in Mombasa

Since the inception of the Contributing Towards Sustainable Peace (CTSP) program, CICC collaborated closely with the Sub County Peace Committees in Mombasa. CICC Trust built the  capacities of the peace committees with various skills and knowledge in conflict resolution and mediation. The peace committee started to deliberately target youth involved in the criminal gangs.

During a community theatre activity held in May 2021 at Vienna grounds Nyali Sub County, Eight youths who were part of the criminal gangs surrendered themselves to the peace committee who collaborated with the area sub county police commander after pleading to be pardoned. The sub county peace committee took their names and enrolled them in a rehabilitation center where they started their reformation journey before they were gradually re-integrated back into the community.

Up till end October 2021, close to 500 youth had surrendered and were placed under the reformation program where different stakeholders had joined in to help reform the youth. They undertook short certificate courses on patriotism, life skills, Mentorship, business skills and proposal writing sponsored by Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) and they graduated in November 2021 and were issued with certificates .