CICC is grateful to her partners for believing in the work we do namely:-


  • Catholic Relief Services( CRS Kenya) for supporting the following projects
    • Research on Interfaith Conflicts, Suspicions and Mistrusts among communities in Tana River, Lamu and Mombasa Districts
    • Emergency( OFDA)
    • Peaceful Coexistence ( PCE)
    • Dialogue and Action Project ( DAP I,II &III )
    • People to People Peace Project ( 3 P)
    • Capacity for inter- religious community action project(CIRCA I &II)


  • Royal Danish Embassy
    • Peace Security and Development


  • Pact Kenya (ACT)
    • Peace Policy
    • SAFE
    • Rapid Response for Tana River


  • British High Commission- Nairobi
    • Youth Empowerment Project in Kwale county
    • DAI (Building resilience in coastal communities project(BRICS)


  • The CMC Netherlands
    • Inter- Religious Dialogue


  • Global Ministries University
    • Inter-religious Dialogue Training and Certification.


  • German Embassy
    • Countering Radicalization through Young Religious Leaders engagement


  • DAI


  •  Global Giving :-


Year Partner Project Objective Achievement Location
2001 – 2005 CICC Member Organizations Formation of CICC To bring together religious leaders to contribute towards peace building at the Coast

Formation of CICC

Setting up of CICC regional committee

Mombasa (regional Secretariat)
2004-2005 Action Aid Drug Abuse and HIV /AIDS management To train and capacity build clerics in Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS Management Reduction of Stigma among the religious leaders and congregations Mombasa
2005-2006 CRS/USIP

Research on Interfaith Conflicts


To understand the causes of conflicts among communities in Tana River, Lamu and Mombasa Districts. The identification of resource distribution as the main cause of conflict in the given areas Tana River, Lamu and Mombasa Counties
2006- 2012 Royal Danish Embassy Peace Security and Development

Setting up secretariat in neutral position.

To set up district and location committees Capacity building for board, staff and grassroots religious leader structures

Empowered religious leaders actively participating in local peace and security structures Mombasa, Kwale, Kilifi, Tana River, Lamu and Taita Taveta Counties
2006 – 2008 British High Commission Kwale Interfaith Youth Empowerment Project To reduce religious radicalization and vulnerability among the Youths Youths empowered and engaging in economically productive activities document Lunga Lunga, Majimboni, Kinango, Ukunda and Tiwi in Kwale County



USAID/OFDA/CRS (Office of Foreign Disaster Agency)

Post Election Emergency Project


Establish dialogue forums for community reconciliation and cohesion Improved inter-ethnic relations and reconciliation among the grassroots communities and laying foundation for peace building process. Mombasa County
2008 -2010 MM Netherlands Inter-religious dialogue Project Establish a common (interfaith ) approach towards peace building Religious leaders sharing their faiths on issues of peace amicably. Mombasa County



CRS (Private funds)


Peaceful Coexistence


Promote interfaith dialogue towards conflict management


Grassroots communities from diverse faith to dialogue on common issues affecting peace and underlying causes of religious tensions Mombasa county
2010 – 2012 KCSSP – PACT /ACT Peace Building and Conflict Transformation

To increase the voice of religious leaders in peace building and advocacy.


To build capacity of religious leaders to mentor youths for peace building work

Religious leaders contributing in the lobbying and advocacy for the national peace policy.


Strengthened relationship between youths and religious leaders promoting peace


Likoni, Kisauni, Mvita and Changamwe in Mombasa County





People to People Peace (3Ps) project




To renew commitment among the grassroots community in Likoni to embrace peaceful coexistence


Formation of peer group structures (youth, women, elders, clerics), village peace committees, division peace committees, district Likoni in Mombasa County




Dialogue and Action Project 1,2 & 3


Reduce cases of early Marriages/ Pregnancy among girls in Malindi, Tana River and Lamu Districts


Religious leaders working together with community leaders and government to delay early marriages and retain girls in school Malindi, Tana Delta and Lamu
2017-2020 CRS Capacity for inter- religious community action project 1,2 To enhance peaceful coexistence amongst the community Religious leaders working together with the community leaders to enhance peaceful coexistence in the community Malindi, Matolani Sub Location
2012 URAIA Promotion of interreligious/ethnic cohesion To enhance peaceful coexistence amongst the diverse coastal communities Improved interethnic tolerance amongst ethnic leaders of communities with the coast region Mombasa, Tana River and Taita Taveta Counties
2017 IFA – German Government Entrenching resilience against violent extremism in communities at the Coast

Empower young religious leaders to influence families and youth into active peacemakers

Strengthen the capacity of women, religious leaders, to influence families and youth into active roles of countering radicalization and extremism

Promote religious leaders to become central change agents for good governance and political accountability towards community peaceful coexistence

Established 2 resource centres cum offices in Tana River and Kwale Counties


Established women desk in Mombasa, Kwale and Tana River Counties


Mombasa, Tana River and Kwale
2012 KCSSP – PACT /ACT SAFE To promote and environment conducive for peaceful and fair general election at the coast region Consensus building amongst to religious leaders from the diverse faiths in the region. Mombasa and Tana River