CICC Board Meeting

CICC is governed by a board of trustees who represent the seven CICC member organizations. Each member organization is represented by two religious leaders making a total of 14 members

It also has county, constituency and ward committees comprising of six religious leaders representing the various member organizations. These committees are the main implementers of CICC projects. They ensure actual and proper implementations of all activities at the various levels.

CICC has two governance levels;

  • The Board of Trustee
  • The Management Committee

The Board of Trustees is the highest decision and policy making structure of CICC and meets quarterly. They ensure actual and proper implementations of all activities at the various levels.

The Management Committee meets on a regular basis to oversee the implementation of Board of Trustee decisions and policies.

The Board of Trustees comprises of 14 religious leaders drawn from member religious organizations.

CICC activities and programs are well coordinated and managed through a regional secretariat based at Mombasa which is headed by a Chief Executive Officer, who is a senior religious leader, supported by various Program Management Team.



1 Bishop Lawrence Dena Chairman NCCK
2 Sheikh Muhdhar Khitamy Vice – Chairman SUPKEM
3 Bishop Amos Lewa General Secretary EAK
4 Mr. Kishore Shah Treasurer HCK
5 Rev.Fr. Wilybard Lagho Member CATHOLIC
8 Bishop Julius Kalu Member NCCK
6 Archbishop Martin Kivuva Member CATHOLIC
7 Rev.Fr. Laurent Mutisya Member CATHOLIC
9 Bishop Benson Muthama Member OAIC
10 Bishop Jeremiah Kesekwa Member OAIC
11 Bishop Jonathan G. Dena Member EAK
12 Mr. Narottam Khataw Member HCK
13 Prof. Abdulgafur Elbusaidy Member SUPKEM
14 Sheikh Zeinudin Ali Member CIPK
15 Sheikh Omar Juma Member CIPK
16 Rev. Stephen Anyenda CEO(Chief Executive Officer) CICC/EAK