Coast Interfaith Council of cleric is purely a clerical organization whose membership is drawn from the mainstream like mind religions organization operating at the Coast Region. It was formed in 2001 and is a faith based trust organization that consists of the following member organizations: –


Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) is the umbrella body of all the Muslim organizations, Societies, Mosques’ Committees and Groups in Kenya

 Board Representatives:

  1. Prof. Abdulgafur El-Busaidy
  2. Sheikh Muhdhar Khitamy


The Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya, commonly known as CIPK is a faith based nonprofit and charitable organization that brings together respected Islamic Scholars, Imams and Muslim Preachers from all over the Republic of Kenya. It was conceptualized and registered in 1997 and has since grown into a strong Islamic network.

 Board Representatives:

  1. Sheikh Zeinudin Ali
  2. Sheikh Omar Juma


Hindu Council of Kenya is a non-commercial organization aimed to serve the Hindu communities living in the Republic of Kenya. Hindu Council is a medium of communication between Government and Hindu communities so as it is the “Voice of Hindus”. Hindu Council is also known as an umbrella body for all Hindu communities and institutions in Kenya. Hindu Council is always involved in various social, cultural and environmental accomplishments for their member institutions

  Board Representatives:

  1. Mr Kishore Shah(treasurer)


The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops, a permanent institution, is the assembly of the Catholic Bishops in Kenya united and exercising together their Pastoral offices over Christ’s faithful, as shepherds of the Catholic Church in Kenya which they together promote by forms and means of Apostolate suitable to the circumstances of place and time, in accordance with the Law, to promote the greater good which the Church offers to all Mankind (c. 447, CIC).

  Board Representatives:

  1. Rev. Fr. Wilybard Lagho
  2. Rev. Fr. Laurent Mutisya
  3. Arch.Bishop.Martin Kivuva


The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) is a fellowship of Protestant churches and Christian organizations registered in Kenya. Its motto is “For citizens” and  has been exemplified in its  long involvement in public service, advocacy, and social responsibility in Kenya.

  Board Representatives:

  1. Bishop Julius Kalu
  2. Bishop Lawrence Dena (Chairman)


Evangelical Alliance of Kenya was established in 1975, it is the umbrella body for Evangelical churches and Para-church organizations in Kenya. EAK membership currently stands at 300 registered evangelical denominations across Kenya. Kenya has an estimate of nine million evangelicals in about 38,000 congregations.

  Board Representatives:

  1. Bishop Amos Lewa (Secretary General)
  2. Bishop Jonathan G. Dena


The Organization of African Instituted Churches (OAIC) is an association of African Independent and Instituted Churches (AICs), which has its origins in the work of HG Bishop Markos of the Coptic Orthodox Church (Egypt) with Africas Independent Churches since 1976, in Kenya

  Board Representatives:

  1. Bishop Benson Muthama
  2. Bishop Jeremiah Kesekwa


When we speak of African Traditional Religion, we mean the indigenous religious beliefs and practices of the Africans.