Since inception, CICC has carried out various programs and activities that are linked in the realization of her vision, Mission and objectives. They are:


  • Peace Building
  • Inter-Religious Dialogue and Networking


CICC Trust supports Inter-Religious Dialogue and engagement between members of different faiths and is committed to building bridges between different faiths because we believe different faith communities can learn from each other.


Specifically, CICC is working on:-


  • Educating the common Kenyans about Inter- Religious Dialogue
  • Increase understanding and respect among people of different faiths
  • Foster cooperation among local faith communities to solve common community problems
  • Governance
  • Gender and Youth Empowerment Program
  • Carrying out civic education in the Coast region on issues of peace, security conflict, constitutional implementation, community and national reconciliations.
  • Promoting enduring peace and trust among all the people living in the Coastal and other regions of Kenya
  • Environment¬†¬† management