The CICC is charged with the responsibility of dialogue towards enhancing communication and understanding in order to eliminate potential or real conflicts, which may be instigated religiously, politically, socially and economically.


Specifically CICC undertakes to promote interfaith dialogue in order to bring deeper understanding and respect for other faith and freedom by:


  1. Promoting enduring peace and trust among all the people living in the Coastal and other regions of Kenya.
  2. Facilitating collaboration and cooperation between the Government of Kenya, Faith based Organizations, NGOs, development partners and other stakeholders for the purposes of maintaining peace and security in the Coast region of Kenya.
  3. Provide a forum for information and experience sharing among the member’s organizations.
  4. Provide a platform for advocacy on legal and human rights issues and facilitate distribution of required assistance to conflict affected areas in the Coast region and Kenya.
  5. Carrying out civic education on issues of peace, security conflict, constitutional, community and national reconciliations.
  6. Lobbying and advocating for the marginalized people for meaningful development and distribution of resources


Addressing conflict resolution issues through appropriate interfaith channels and resources.