Institutional Capacity

Strategic Objective 4: To improve programmatic effectiveness, institutional processes and financial security.

CICC will put in place measures that will ensure all strategic issues are attended to in a timely and friendly manner guided by the core values.  Further, the staff will need to be equipped with the necessary skills and tools to increase motivation and productivity.  The strategic objective will be addressed through 11 strategies: Result Based Program Management; Institutional memory and knowledge management; Administrative and managerial systems and processes; Attraction and retention of competent staff; Rationalization of human resource requirements for growth and development; Staff Training and Development based on Needs Assessment; Resource mobilization; Leveraging on ICT; Visibility and branding of CICC; Research Department and Monitoring and Evaluation Department.

Some of the Programs and Projects supporting this thematic area for the past four years are:

  1. 1.  Capacity Strengthening for Interreligious Action (CSIA) Project was a two-year project funded by the GHR Foundation. This project targeted the six counties of the Coast region as well as Nairobi. This project was a purely capacity building project of CICC’s structures including staff. This project ensured that CICC Trust is in a better position to attract funds as well as understand the emerging needs of the communities she serves and, be prepared to facilitate solutions. This project was implemented between 2020-2021. 

  2. 2. Civil Peace Service (CPS) Project funded by AGIAMONDO is a three-year project that has supported CICC built internal systems and as well as the capacity of staff across the focus counties to offer the much needed technical assistance to religious leaders. The project has also supported in instilling in religious leaders’ key skills like research, facilitation and even conflict management. 

  3. 3. Building Organizational Strength and Resilience (BOSR) Project funded by the GHR Foundation is a two-year project that seeks to strengthen CICC’s documentation practices as well as internal systems.